Whether you try to sell your home for the first time or if you are an expert on selling your home already, it can be very emotional and stressful time in most cases. Many things are involved when selling your home such as:

  • - purchasing another home, renting or even moving back to your parents.
  • - how much you want to sell your home for
  • - the dates you need to move,etc.

It is always the best to interview at least 2 realtors of your choice. Each realtor may have different services and expertise. It is very critical to find an honest one who is actively working in the area you are trying to sell from.
The real estate market can change fast and dramatically in a short period of time, therefore; an area specialist is a MUST factor for selling your property.

Sophia provides the following service when she works with you the seller.

  • Giving the most current market evaluation for your home at a convenient location and time.
  • Constant regular market updates with you the Seller after your home goes on the market until it is sold.
  • Advice on how to make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. If requested, refer an professional home stager at reasonable rate.
  • Professional house pictures/videos taken to advertise on MLS, Social Media, News paper etc.
  • Customized brochures for your home
  • Explain and follow up through the whole process of selling.
  • Use her knowledge and expertise to get the most amount of money with favorable terms for clients.
  • Helps her clients from listing presentation to handing the key to the buyer.

  • Here are some information regarding to:


  • Selling without a professional help
  • Setting the wrong price for your home
  • Selling your home ‘AS IS’ condition
  • Selling your home with a dull interior
  • No Curb Appeal
  • Over-Improving your home
  • Financing incentives
  • Not seeing a home as a commodity on the market
  • Not immediately responding to buyer when negotiating
  • Being adversarial during negotiations

  • Sophia as a professional real estate agent loves to work with people to earn a trusting relationship. Please contact her with all your questions and needs. She is always happy to listen to you and assist you in any way she can.

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