Sophia is a Surrey and Langley area specialist real estate agent since 2003. She has lived in the area for 15 years and is involved in both of these communities.

Living is these areas Sophia has accumulated valuable information regarding their past, current, and future plans. She has built a solid reputation with her clients due to her honesty and caring business practices and in doing so has many returning clients. These clients have provided her with referrals because of her friendly and helpful nature. On many occasions, her clients have stated they are very happy working with her.

Her business strategy is she will only work with a limited number of buyers and sellers at a time. Sophia believes spending more time and giving enough attention to each of her clients which result in the best protection and satisfaction of their interests. From her experience in the real estate industry, she knows selling or purchasing a new home can be very stressful, however, she has found working with a limited number of clients they are more relaxed and their experience during this process.

Sophia listens and provides the best solution for her clients. Because of her reputation in this area, she has received her clients' appreciation, and has gained, by word of mouth a good reputation in the community. Sophia enjoys her career and is proud of the compliments of her reputation she has worked hard to receive.

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